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What is Project Management

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  • Roles of a Construction Project manager
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  • 08-08-2018
What is Project Management

What is Project Management?

Project managers are highly gaining popularity in various fields due to the benefits they can offer. But, what about a construction project manager? What are their roles? And how will they benefit from a residential construction project?

A construction project manager is an individual who oversees all the activities ranging from planning and spearheading of the construction projects from the beginning to the end. The aim of hiring a construction project manager is to ensure that the construction process is efficient, completed in due time and all resources are utilised optimally.

As the leader, the construction project manager plays a leadership role in ensuring that all employees do their best in the project.

What are the Roles of a Construction Project manager (CPM)?


The project manager is expected to lay out the plan on how the project will be carried out by his/her team. During planning, the project manager is expected to lay out a schedule and conduct supervision to see if the plan is being executed.

  Hiring, Firing and Setting Goals

Being the manager, he/she is expected to hire competent staff and fire those that aren’t doing what is expected of them. The manager needs to set specific goals that are as per the wish of the client.

  Come up With a Budget

A budget is very important for any construction project. It is the role of the manager to ensure the budget is aimed at utilising resources and is followed to the letter.

  Keeping the Client Up to Date

The manager should also ensure that he/she informs the client about everything that is happening as long as it is related to the project. This will ensure everything goes according to plan.


The construction project manager should coordinate all activities. He/she should be the middleman between the client and the employees.

What are the advantages of a CPM in a Residential Construction Project?

Having a construction project manager offer his/her services in a residential construction project can be very beneficial. Even if you do have some knowledge regarding construction, having a professional manage the entire thing will be quite advantageous for you.

Here are some of the benefits;

  • The CPM will Prioritize Your Interests
    Having a CPM, you can be assured that your expectations for the project will be realised. He/she will act as your representative.
  • Minimised Project Cost
    The manager will help in competitive bidding and negotiations. Thus your project could even cost less than budgeted.
  • Easy Communication
    As the client, you won’t have to begin addressing the entire construction team. All you have to do is communicate with him/her, and the manager will share this information with the others.
  • Professional Advice
    The CPM will also guide you in making decisions regarding your residential construction project, especially if you are new to construction. Professional advice will be helpful.
  • Protect You from Liability
    Because the CPM is an expert, you won’t have to worry about liability. He/she will manage all the risk.

As you can see above, a good construction project manager can make all the difference in making your project successful. Remember, the earlier you seek the services of one, the greater the advantages.