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The Building Regulations

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  • The Building Regulations
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  • 18-09-2016
The Building Regulations

The Building Regulations

When you want to build your home you should be aware of the building regulations. Understanding them will help you to plan your project successfully.

Building regulations are in place to ensure that specific standards are upheld. These standards control all the construction and design part of every building project. It also handles health and safety issues, as well as access for disabled people.

Building regulations are a set of instructions that you should adhere to when you build a home. These regulations will include a standard that you should meet as well as the role of inspectors. They will also include how these regulations should be enforced. There are 14 parts in this set of building regulations. Each report will cover a specific section and standard that should be made.

Technical requirements are published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. If you want to stop yourself for the project, you may also look at alternative building methods. These methods may differ from standard rules so you need to make sure that they can be improved.

Your building can be approved by your local authority building control. They will usually send an inspector to your premises to do an inspection. If you are using a project manager, they can arrange for their respective visit your property.

If you are a self-builder you will likely have to submit additional loans. This can include a completed application form, drawings, and other supporting information.

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