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Commercial Projects

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  • 15-03-2016
Commercial Projects

Renovation of a Commercial Property

Managing the renovation or improvement of your commercial property is a potential minefield for business owners. Running a company is enough for most people to cope with, even without the added stress of overseeing a building or refurbishment project on your property.

Renovation of a Commercial Property

Equally, the upheaval of your day-to-day business practices can be extremely bothersome. Dust, noise, space and restricted access can all wreak havoc on your staff and your clients; more information about this is usually written down, so have a read of the commercial building policy.

What is the answer to the problem of a property which needs refurbishment and a business that won't run itself? Closing the property down for work to commence isn't an option, and that's where we come in!

Our job is to ensure commercial buildings remain open for business for as long as possible, so if you feel the property is failing, then this is a sign you need a renovation.

Renovation Process

Here at Alexander Project Management, we will work with you, to help identify ways in which you can continue trading at your commercial property throughout the renovation.

This may include reducing the size of your trading area and managing the times when noisy renovation jobs are being able, to ensure you satisfy your customers with a seamless operation throughout the whole of your project.

Our team of experts are fully trained and qualified to look at the blueprints of your building to identify any extra space that could be used more effectively and improve the efficiency of your business.

For more information on renovations, construction or costs, please search our website, or give us a call today. On our website, you'll find our most recent guidelines on what tenants and potential buyers are looking for.

Our Commercial Renovation Services

Alexander Project Management are a small company but have many years of experience. Our specialisation is in helping you to minimise the impact of new improvements and developments on your existing business.

We also offer expert advice and tips to our clients to increase their chances of investment in their commercial property and add value to the building.

Renovating your commercial property makes people more likely to invest, and also gives the future tenants a sense of security in their business. For a more detailed list of our services, please search through our website.

What we can do for you:

  • Find the best people to undertake the necessary work
  • Ensure that all work planned and ongoing is covered by the correct health and safety paperwork
  • Ensure that work is delivered to the highest possible standards
  • Keep your project within budget

Make sure your commercial building is making the most of the space provided, whether it's an office block or a cinema.

We can assist with projects which are designed to improve your business. Here at Alexander Project Management, our aim is to take the responsibility away from you. We will ensure that you feel completely at ease in terms of our ability to get things done and get them done well.

Our standards are high because we understand that our clients' standards are high. We want to match or exceed your expectations in all that we do.

Going above and beyond the leadership of projects, we will negotiate discounts, solve problems and help you with the entire process, including planning, construction, renovating and investing.

We can help save time and make your budget go further than you thought possible. We will also help you search for the perfect solution, and the best way to renovate your commercial building, to meet its full potential. Renovation is the perfect investment opportunity to expand your business.

We are working alongside professional and expert contractors, and together we will put all our energy into making your commercial property look amazing! First, we will search the premises and share our ideas with you to ensure your full agreement.

If you would like to find out more information, please search through our website, or contact us today. You can get in touch with us and discover more about our services via phone call or email.

One of our friendly team members will always be available to help you with anything you need and answer any questions and queries you may have regarding the renovation project, or other information.

Contact us today to discover more about our services.