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Planning Application and Process

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  • 14-08-2018
Planning Application and Process

Planning Application and Process

A planning application is often straightforward. Legislation body governs most planning applications, and you can either take your application directly to the legislative offices or apply online. However, whatever channel or means of application you choose to follow, there are few steps you must follow for your application to go through successively.

Pre-application advice

Before you start processing your application, it’s essential to seek advice from experts. During pre-application advice, you will gather information on what to include and how to structure your proposal. The information you obtain will help you understand and draft your plan in the right way to eliminate the possibilities of rejection.

Application and validation

Although most people tend to take their applications to the legislation offices manually, it is highly recommended to make your applications online. Online application provides you with all the legal information you require to submit your form. You can get all the information online for the documents you are required to submit for your application to go through.

Documents required

For your application to be validated, you must provide the following documents:

  • a) A standard application form. Mostly you will be required to submit two plans to support your documents. That is; i. Location plan – this is to show the site area and surrounding context. When applying online, you can easily purchase this from the planning portal accredited suppliers.ii. Site plan – Its also known as (block plan) it shows the proposed project in details.
    It's also available at the portals three accredited suppliers. You are also allowed to either purchase the two plans as you submit your application or purchase and attach to the form.
  • b) Agricultural holdings certificate
  • c) Ownership certificate ABC or D should be completed to indicate you are the rightful owner of the property at hand
  • d) Access statement and design- this shows the design principles and concepts of the applied proposal
  • e) Correct application fee. Application fee varies from project to project. For you to know the amount you should pay, you can calculate using the portals fee calculator.

Publicity and consultation

The experts send consultation letters to the neighbours around the site and obtain a response. Occasionally, advertisements can be placed at the actual location or through local paper publication. This period lasts for 21 days from publishing date.

Site Assessment and visit

After receiving a consultation response and public representation, the planning case officer gets to the ground to assess and inspect the application. The officer is allowed to take other relevant information such as photographs for accurate assessing. After evaluating, the officer makes a recommendation and forwards it to the relevant body for decision making. In the report, the officer will include all applications information pertinent to notify the decision maker.


There is a body that is specially appointed to oversee the applications and decide appropriately. Therefore, this body has the power to decide without taking your application to the planning committee.