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Planning an Extension

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  • Planning an Extension
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  • 29-08-2018
Planning an Extension

Planning an Extension

Adding an extension to a home is an excellent idea. It’s more economical compared to finding a new plot and building on it. To make matters even better, an extension allows you to continue living in the same neighbourhood, and your kids won’t have to change schools. However, before you begin planning your house extension, there are some few things you might want to consider.

Things to Look Out for When Planning an Extension

Your Budget

The home extension will cost you some money. You, therefore, need to have a rough estimate on how much you are willing to spend. This estimate will work as a guide on the size, design and the architect/builders fees. When coming up with a budget, therefore, it's best if you include all the costs. Once you have prepared the budget, however, make sure you stick to it.

The Objectives of the Extension

You should then ask yourself what you intend to do with the extension? Is it going to be an office, a living room, an extra bedroom? This will guide you in determining the kind of alterations you are likely to make in your home.

The Time Length of Constructing the Extension

You should be aware that constructing an extension will interfere with the normal activities of your home. Thus try and find out how long it will take. Consider factors such as holidays and family occasions and establish an appropriate period of doing the extension.

Will You Require Planning Permissions?

Depending on the local laws and regulations, you may need to get a permission for constructing the extension. However, in some cases, you don’t need permission when carrying out single storey extensions or loft conversions.

Will You Need an Architect?

Depending on Your Extension, Will You Need an Architect and Builders? There are some extension projects that you can do it yourself. But, the more complex projects such as building an extra bedroom will require the services of an expert architect. Therefore, if you consider hiring an architect, make sure you include the architect’s fees in your budget. Additionally, if you will need builders, you should then begin looking for them as early as possible.

Will the Extension Affect Your Neighbours?

It’s always best for you to maintain a peaceful co-existence with your neighbours. You should, therefore, ask yourself if the extension will affect your neighbours in any way. Having an architect by your side will help you know how the neighbours may be affected. You should then inform and seek their approval early in advance.

As good as building an extension for your home is, the above are the main factors that you need to consider when planning for it. Don’t also forget to consider planning for safety during the extension construction.