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Masonry or Timber Frame

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  • Masonry or Timber Frame
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  • 14-03-2017
Masonry or Timber Frame

Masonry or Timber Frame?

If you choose to build your own home. It's important to choose between the right structure and materials. Let's compare masonry and timber frames.

Brick and block

Masonry is very popular construction method. Brick and block building is used on most building projects throughout the UK. About 70% of all new self-build homes are built using this technique. This is a very strong system and the walls help to be the weight of the roof floors. One benefit is that it may be easy to find skilled labourers to handle your project.

In terms of contraction time, masonry buildings may take longer to complete. Everything is brought on the premises and needs time to dry out. On the upside, these projects may be easy to finance, especially in stage payments.

It's a very flexible building methods and it can easily accommodate any changes in the design. Structural also retain heat for the house.

Timber frame

If you're considering timber frame, it's very popular. Meaning new homes make use of this method and he's very strong frame. The structure supports the entire building so you don't need any internal walls.

The frames can be prefabricated and simply delivered to your premises. One advantage is that these projects are significantly quicker to complete. This may also reduce your costs.

It can be a bit harder to find a suitable location to work on your project. But on the upside is a very sustainable building method to use. It is carbon neutral and organic.

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