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Brick and Block The Basics

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  • 24-04-2017
Brick and Block The Basics

Brick and Block: The Basics

Brick and block are a very popular building method in the UK. It provides many benefits like solid house structure. Let's take a look at the basics.

Brick and block are also known as modern masonry construction. It has an outer skin made from brick and a block inner skin. Ties hold these two walls together and it lies on top of the concrete foundation. You also have internal load-bearing walls in your home.

There are various options to this system. Instead of bricks, you can use stone or aircrete. This gives you a lot of options, especially when you want to do a self-build project.

One of the reasons why many builders choose brick is because it is widely available in the area. It is a very popular building material that is versatile and cost-effective. It may, however, take a bit longer to complete than using modern materials.

Another benefit of using bricks double is that it slowly absorbed heat. This also means that it will release heat into the house, keeping it nice and warm. The brick house is also very solid and sturdy.

You can also make use of a packaging company that can offer you a complete service. They will handle your entire construction and build your house according to your design.

Regardless of the building materials you choose, always work within your budget. Compare the different options and consider what is available in your area. For the want to keep your costs to the meaning of the time it takes to complete your home.

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