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Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

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  • 28-07-2018
Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

Modern Timber Frame constructions are precision-engineered, robust and durable. These structures account for over 70% of new residential places in the new era and are the most common type of home constructions in Scotland with rising development across the United Kingdom. 

Timber Frame is recognised as the most efficient and economical way of construction. It provides customers with a simplified on-site construction, an easier build, greater quality, more choices and flexibility over block building and traditional brick construction. Some of the numerous benefits of this popular method of construction include: 

Timber Frame Construction


Our structural framework uses high-quality softwood timber from controlled forests. The replanting managers in these forests typically ensure that more trees are planted to replace the cut-down ones, providing a net growth when it comes to the volume of trees each year, without any costs to the environment. 

When compared to other construction materials, timber utilises around 20% less energy to bring the construction to a finished state. It has also been proved that the heat preserving fibre-glass utilised in Timber Frame structures doesn't have any ozone damaging CFCs. For this reason, Timber Frame constructions are becoming popular as the most energy efficient type of buildings that make a lot of environmental sense. 

Speed of construction 

Since all timber frame elements are produced under factory regulated conditions before being delivered on the construction site, the timber frame shell can be assembled and roofed within days. That allows both external and internal trades complete access to continuing with their construction work in spite of the weather. This speed of erection minimises the interest charges which in turn increases profitability. A residential house can be completely furnished and ready for occupation within weeks instead of months. 

Provides great insulation 

Timber is known to be a natural insulator and can assist in reducing energy needs when it's used in floors, doors and windows. A timber frame gives you more room for insulation when compared to a brick building, and better-insulated homes require less energy to cool and heat, which usually means less fuel use. Besides, wood has better insulation properties when compared to steel. A wood structure contains small air pockets which hinder its capacity to conduct heat and assists in minimising the energy required for cooling and heating your eco-timber houses providing pretty energy efficient homes

Easy to maintain and durable 

Timber is typically a highly durable construction material. Some well-built wooden structures can last for centuries. It's also cheap and easy to maintain when compared to other construction materials, mainly if you have no problem changing the colour of your house over time. 

No limitation on size and design 

Taking into account the relationship between using timber as a construction material and the environment is incredibly significant when building a house. Using wood as the primary building material is the best selection with its numerous design options, as well as unique technical and physical properties for a home constructed using timber frame

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